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Research ranks Harrogate residents sixth for most worried about floods in UK

The Harrogate Stray after heavy rainfall.

New data reveals that residents living in Harrogate are the sixth-most worried about their homes flooding in the UK.

The research conducted by insurance experts Howden Insurance analysed nationwide monthly Google keyword volumes for flood-related terms to determine which cities and towns are the most concerned about flooding and the recent increased rainfall.

The study examined the number of searches on 16 flood-related terms across 12 months.  

And, on average, Harrogate residents search 393 times for information on flooding every month per 100,000 residents. 

With February being confirmed as the wettest on record, more residents than ever are starting to worry about flooding and the damage it can cause to property. 

The study found that residents of Loughborough are the most likely to Google information and tips on flooding.

A spokesperson for Howden Insurance said:

“With many UK residents feeling the increased rainfall in February, some will be looking for the best way to protect their homes, such as adding flood barriers to doorways or using air brick covers to prevent water entering the home through ventilation. 

“Residents in Loughborough have already experienced many devastating floods so it is natural that they would be searching for ways to improve the flood defences on their homes the most.  

“Those living in Glasgow would appear to be least concerned about flooding, however it is always advisable wherever you live in the UK, to know about the flood risks in your local area.” 

It was revealed that the top flood-related term searched by residents was ‘flood warning’.

The second and third ranked places were Lincoln and Derby respectively.

Burton Upon Trent and Worcester were the only other places that ranked higher than Harrogate.

Readers worried about flooding can use this helpful website to check for flooding in their area.  

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