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Harrogate woman wins £1,000 prize in time for Christmas

Katie Lee from Harrogate has won £1,000 in time for Christmas thanks to Your Harrogate and Slingsby Gin.

Harrogate woman wins £1,000 prize in time for Christmas A single mum from Harrogate has won £1,000 in time for Christmas. We teamed up with Slingsby Gin to give one lucky winner the chance to win the huge Christmas-boosting sum. We simply asked you to tell us why you deserve to win the money and what change it would make to your life. And after hundreds of entries, 32-year-old Katie Lee from Harrogate was selected as the winner! Katie lives with her 3-year-old son, having moved from South Africa where she worked for a charity that served incredibly poor rural communities. The father of her son, who is South African, was unable to cross the border due to covid. Katie said:

“It was a journey to say the least! I now happily live in Harrogate, just me and my boy. “I take him camping and we head out into the Dales every weekend, exploring our new environment, hiking through the heather - or carrying him on my back when he refuses to walk! “We love being outdoors and living in such a beautiful place. Our dream is to have a camper van one day, enabling us to have precious family holidays and adventures, and make the most of my little boy's childhood, exploring our area and the UK and maybe one day Europe!”
She added:
“I'm working hard to secure a bright future for both of us, but it's not easy on limited childcare and single handedly supporting my child, both of us living off my one wage. “Financial stress and strain has been impacting me every day for almost 4 years now and to win £1,000 would actually be life changing for me. “It would allow me to have some peace of mind and start a new year feeling light and able to provide for my boy in the way that he deserves.”
A special thanks to the team at Slingsby Gin for making the competition possible! Watch the moment Katie found out she had won the £1,000 prize from Your Harrogate’s Nick Hancock here. Read more local stories from Your Harrogate here.

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