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Your Harrogate to support local businesses urgently seeking staff

Your Harrogate has decided to help local businesses who are urgently looking for staff since reopening. 'Find a Job Week' will run with Nick Hancock every morning from 9am and will give local employers the chance to explain exactly who they are looking to recruit. Nick explains how the idea came from his reopening tour of local shops and restaurants:

"We did loads of interviews on 17th May at hotels, gyms, shops and pubs and so many local business people told me they were struggling for staff. "We’re expecting a lot of tourists to visit Harrogate over the summer so the town is going to be very busy and that means recruitment is really important. So we’re happy to step up and help."
If you are recruiting you can post your job details here Meanwhile if you would like to speak to Nick on the Breakfast show you can email Nick@yourharrogate.co.uk and we can record an interview. Read more local stories from Your Harrogate here.

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