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Where can I get a smart speaker on Black Friday?

There's currently no better way to listen to Your Harrogate than on your smart speaker - although you can tune in online and on our app. And as today is Black Friday, there are always tons of deals on various brands of smart speaker. Even if you already have one, it could be worth investing in another so you can listen to Your Harrogate in every room of the house! Here are three of the best deals out there:

What: Amazon Echo Dot - 3rd Generation Where: Currys (currys.co.uk) Price: Was £39.99, now £18.99 Saving: £20
Although it may not be the newest generation of Amazon Echo Dot, the 3rd generation is still a great smart speaker! This device can carry out all the Alexa-related commands you need, including answering questions, turning gadgets on/off and playing Your Harrogate! It was also previously included in The Independent's guide to the best smart speakers. [caption id="attachment_20873" align="aligncenter" width="1220"] Amazon Echo Dot - 3rd Generation[/caption]
What: Google nest mini - 2nd Generation Where: Currys (currys.co.uk) Price: Was £49, now £18 Saving: £31
The Google Nest Mini is another great smart speaker that will have Your Harrogate playing throughout your house. Simply say: "OK Google, talk to Your Harrogate Radio" and you'll be good to go! This offer from Curry's offers a discount of more than 40%, so a major saving to be had. [caption id="attachment_20875" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Google nest mini - 2nd Generation[/caption]
What: Amazon Echo Dot - 4th Generation Where: Amazon (amazon.co.uk) Price: Was £49.99, now £28.99 Saving: £21
If the Echo Dot 3rd Generation isn't quite high-tech enough for you, there's always the newer model. The 4th Generation comes in a new spherical body, and has a repositioned light ring so that it shines downward. (This means it won't light up a room as much when it comes on!) The newer model also has a power-saving mode. When the speaker is idle, it drops power consumption and enters a low power state. Another fantastic saving to be had here courtesy of Amazon, with the once £49.99 device now temporarily priced at £28.99. [caption id="attachment_20874" align="aligncenter" width="1220"] Amazon Echo Dot - 4th Generation[/caption] Read more local stories from Your Harrogate here.

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