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What is Green Jumper Day and how can you take part?

Green Jumper Day takes place later this week as organisations in the area and across the UK unite to mitigate climate change. Organised by registered charity Green Jumper, the event asks businesses, schools, organisations and individuals to turn down their heating together and save energy. It's all to make a positive step against climate change with the ultimate goal of leaving the earth in a 'better way than we found it.' What is Green Jumper Day? Every year, in winter, charity Green Jumper are aiming to increase awareness of, and take action against, climate change - but in a 'personal way.' They're asking everyone in the UK to turn down their heating, put on a jumper (green if possible!) and save money. [caption id="attachment_19939" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Green Jumper Day founder Alec Walton[/caption] When will it take place? The inaugural Green Jumper Day will take place on Friday 26th November 2021. More than 1,000 organisations across the UK have already signed up to take part - and there's still time for more! What do I need to do? If you haven't signed up already, head to the Green Jumper website here. The day itself will involve turning down your heating, putting on a jumper to keep warm (green if you have one!), saving energy, saving money and donating to Green Jumper's cause. They're also asking people, organisations and workplaces to share photos of their participation! Here's a bit more information: https://www.facebook.com/GJumperDay/videos/4681146718629593/ To find out more about Green Jumper Day, head to the Green Jumper website here or follow them on Facebook. Read more local stories from Your Harrogate here.

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