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Top 5 ideas for a lockdown Valentine's Day

Whether it’s with your significant other, a friend or a family member; we could all do with expressing some love on Valentine's Day!

By Clementine Hall

We know, another annual celebration that we have to spend locked up at home. But let’s face it, any day that gives us the opportunity to do something a bit different during lockdown is worth lapping up this year.

Whether it’s with your significant other, a friend or a family member; we could all do with expressing some love for each other right now. After all, there’s no better time like the present to show some appreciation for the people you adore the most.

Below are five lockdown-friendly ideas to inspire you this Valentine’s Day!

1. A night at the home cinema

If you’re not already sick of films, why not make this lockdown Valentine’s day a little more special than your usual evening telly session by creating a cinema-esque atmosphere in your own home?

If you want to make it extra special, get a cheap mini-projector to replicate that cinema feel; if not, you could hang up some fairy lights to transform your space for this annual festivity.

Stock up on snacks galore, (we’re talking pick and mix, popcorn, crisps, ice cream, anything you fancy!) then pick a film, relax and enjoy the show!

2. Cocktail tasting

We’re all missing a good night out with a drink in hand, so why not bring the bar to your kitchen?

This one is perfect if you’re celebrating Galentines day over Zoom or even just celebrating with your family.

Gather the ingredients for your favourite cocktails and get shaking, why not try making our Slingsby Harrogate cocktail of the week! Pump up the music and have a boogie in your living room whilst waving goodbye to the taxi fare home.

3. Classic date night

The restaurants are closed but why not recreate your favourite dishes at home? Dress up as though you’re going on an actual date, decorate the table with candles and have a bottle of your favourite fizz at the ready.

Choose a starter, main and dessert that you both love and either take in turns to cook or do it together, that way not just one of you is doing all the work.

4. Restaurant at home

If your usual Valentine’s Day would involve dining out and you don’t fancy cooking then do not worry, you can order it in and enjoy the luxury from the comfort of your own home. Many restaurants have started at-home delivery services where you can order a pre-prepared restaurant quality meal that only needs to be heated up at home.

Find a restaurant near you that’s offering this option and support your local business whilst enjoying a stress-free Valentines!

5. Spa day at home

Spa days have always been a popular option for Valentine’s day but with lockdown putting a stop to that, why not bring the spa to you?

Stock up on essential oils, light a few candles and apply a face mask; you could even get creative and make your own.

Self care is just as important as caring for a loved one, so why not take this opportunity to find your zen and leave all those Covid worries behind you.

If you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day then you could turn this into a virtual pamper night, add a G&T into the mix and you’re onto a winner!

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