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Tips for driving in adverse weather conditions

We've had a cold start to 2021 with plenty of snow flurries and showers across the Harrogate District. And whilst this can be fun to play in and always gets the kids excited, cold weather can leave our roads icy and dangerous. Check out this Winter Weather guide from North Yorkshire County Council, including driving tips and how to make sure your car is road-worthy: Before travelling  First things first, before you even get into your car there's a few safety checks to do: Think about whether your journey is absolutely necessary (It's not always the case during a lockdown!) Check the latest weather forecast - will you be expecting to hit bad weather before you get to your destination? Plan your route - try and use main roads that will have been gritted Allow extra time - you don't want to be rushing Tell someone your plans And now onto your car, which will need a few checks to ensure it is capable in Winter weather: Check your tyre pressure and tread depth, and have a spare tyre ready! Check your vehicle's lights are working and clean Check your wipers are working, and that you have screenwash containing anti-freeze Check that your windows and mirrors are clear of ice and condensation During your journey You've made all the checks and you're ready to go, but driving in some conditions can be a nightmare for even the most confident driver. Think about some of these things when out in Winter conditions: Travel slowly and at a safe distance from the vehicle in front (It takes much longer to stop on slippery roads!) With icy roads, avoid sudden or harsh braking, steering and accelerating to prevent skidding Try to use main roads that have been gritted whenever possible Use all of your cars controls (brake, accelerator, gears, clutch) very gently Read more local stories from Your Harrogate here.

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