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One in five say they’re embarking on an AFFAIR after lockdown

After weeks or even months of planning, this weekend is the most common time of the year that people sign up to have an affair. By this point in January, many New Year resolutions will have fallen by the wayside, but investing in personal happiness in the form of an affair is a more considered one... According to research from Ashley Madison, the world’s biggest dating site for married people, twenty per cent of people questioned are currently considering embarking on their first affair. [caption id="attachment_6091" align="aligncenter" width="1328"] Twenty per cent of people questioned are currently considering embarking on their first affair.[/caption] One in five say they’ve been preparing themselves to start an affair this year and have worked on their physical appearance, including losing weight (19%), whilst almost one in four (24%) say they’re now mentally prepared after self-reflecting on what they want to get out of an affair. Two out of five men and women who took part in the study say they concluded they are sexually incompatible with their spouse, whilst a third (30%) said they simply don’t fancy their partner any more. Lockdown has just compounded the situation, with more than a third saying they’re irritable towards their partner and more than half (58%) say it has changed how they act towards their spouse. Would-be cheaters also confessed to when they feel they’ve crossed the line - flirting online and sexting, having a dating profile or contacting an ex are ‘acts of infidelity’ according to the Ashley Madison research. Read more local stories from Your Harrogate here.

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