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LIVE: Updates on floods as Storm Christoph hits Harrogate district

As heavy rain continues to fall across the Harrogate district, we have live updates on the impact of Storm Christoph.

As heavy rain continues to fall across the Harrogate district for the rest of the day and into this evening, we are bracing ourselves for the impact of Storm Christoph. We'll be bringing you live updates throughout the day, including any roads closures and areas facing disruption. If you have any photos or information for this blog, contact: enquiries@yourharrogate.co.uk 4:20pm - Knaresborough river level 1.3m above typical range It's been revealed that the Knaresborough river level was 1.33m above its usual range following a downpour during Storm Christoph today. The figure is actually LOWER than both days previous, with the level at 1.52m and 1.45m on Tuesday and Monday of this week. The stat was produced by an automated river level accounts on Twitter: https://twitter.com/riverlevel_1871/status/1351921353985814530?s=20 4:10pm - Few flood related incidents for North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Thankfully North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue have not been forced into action, with very few flood-related incidents so far today. The service are reminding people to follow advice and avoid driving through water. https://twitter.com/NorthYorksFire/status/1351922422958718977 2:27pm - Harrogate Bus unable to make stops due to floods The Harrogate Bus Company have announced that their 21 bus is currently unable to reach stops in Coneythorpe, The Old Barn and Moor Farm due to flooding. https://twitter.com/harrogatebus/status/1351898810067333120 2:25pm - Respect road closure signs North Yorkshire County Council are reminding motorists and pedestrians to respect road closure signings, with several roads across the area currently closed due to flooding. https://twitter.com/northyorkscc/status/1351896075532201987 1:31pm - The River Ure in Ripon https://twitter.com/your_harrogate/status/1351884821010800642?s=20 1:04pm - The River Ure in Boroughbridge The Environment Agency are in Boroughbridge and are poised to pump away any surface water, although it hasn't rained as heavily as expected in the area yet: https://twitter.com/your_harrogate/status/1351877941836308481?s=20 12:51pm - "We're not really worried at all!" We spoke to Bob and Margaret Pearson, residents at Knaresborough Caravan Park, about how the floods are affecting their home. The couple have already moved all of their belongings out of the reach of the flowing water and spoke of their experience dealing with similar floods in recent years: https://twitter.com/your_harrogate/status/1351874471888629762?s=20 12:49pm - River Nidd rises at Knaresborough Caravan Park Here's the current situation at Knaresborough Caravan Park where the River Nidd has risen and is affecting homes. https://twitter.com/your_harrogate/status/1351873316789882880?s=20 12:22pm - River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey this morning Julie Benson has shared a photo she took of the River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey near Ripon this morning. 12:09pm - Roads affected by floods across North Yorkshire North Yorkshire County Council have released a list of roads affected by floods caused by Storm Christoph: https://twitter.com/northyorkscc/status/1351863818696220674?s=20 https://twitter.com/northyorkscc/status/1351863830649958401?s=20 11:44am - Current situation at River Wharfe at Wetherby The River Wharfe at Wetherby has risen quite dramatically and the free cark is now closed as a result. Not a lot of rainfall currently but more expected throughout the day and overnight tonight. https://twitter.com/your_harrogate/status/1351857827661438978?s=20 11:33am - River Ure flooding at Milby Island near Boroughbridge A flood warning is in force for the River Ure at Milby island near Boroughbridge, where river levels have risen as a result of heavy rainfall. The forecasted peak for the River Ure is 14.7-14.9m, which is expected later this evening, whilst flooding of property, roads and farmland is also expected today. https://twitter.com/HBCPrepared/status/1351847233977798657?s=20 11:13am - Burst banks at Ripon and Ripley Both the River Ure at Ripon and the River Nidd at Ripley have burst banks this morning due to the heavy rainfall. Passerby Julie Benson took the following photos as a passenger: https://twitter.com/JB10MILLION/status/1351824366368124928?s=20 https://twitter.com/JB10MILLION/status/1351827876736348160?s=20 11:08am - Train line closed from Skipton The line between Skipton and Carlisle is currently closed due to heavy flooding. No train services will operate for the remainder of the day. https://twitter.com/nationalrailenq/status/1351843810825928705 10:24am - Car parks closed in York due to flooding St George's Field car park, Esplanade car parks and Rowntree Park are all closed today due to high river levels. https://twitter.com/CityofYork/status/1351831811660410882 9:00am - Tips for driving in heavy rain and on flooded roads We've put together a guide for driving in heavy rain and on flooded roads, with tips on how to avoid aquaplaning and making sure your car is roadworthy. Check it out here: https://twitter.com/your_harrogate/status/1351816296736952320?s=20 8:45am - North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue service ready to assist North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service have also warned people of the dangers of driving through flood water. They'll be assisting passengers to dry land if stuck but will not be recovering vehicles! https://twitter.com/NorthYorksFire/status/1351566162551853065 8:40am - Do not walk or drive through flood water North Yorkshire County Council have warned residents not to walk or drive through flood water! Just a few inches could be strong enough to knock a person off their feet and pedestrians will not be able to see the dangers lurking beneath the water. https://twitter.com/northyorkscc/status/1351643176784826373 8:30am - Which areas will be affected? As heavy rain continues to fall across the Harrogate district for the rest of the day and into this evening, we are bracing ourselves for the impact of Storm Christoph. Flood Warnings (meaning flooding is expected) is in place for the following areas: Collingham Beck at Collingham River Nidd at Hunsingore River Nidd at Knaresborough Caravan Park River Nidd at Low Laithe River Ure at Roecliffe Caravan Park Flood Alerts (meaning flooding is possible) is in place for these areas: Collingham Beck at Collingham River Nidd at Hunsingore River Nidd at Knaresborough Caravan Park River Nidd at Low Laithe River Ure at Roecliffe Caravan Park https://twitter.com/your_harrogate/status/1351805360206729217 Read more local stories from Your Harrogate here. https://twitter.com/JB10MILLION/status/1351865156788224000

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