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How to make a hair raising impression post-lockdown

With hairdressers reopening on April 12th, we spoke to Harrogate hairstylist Barry Kilroy about the latest hair trends, as well as how to stand out and make a statement with your hair post-lockdown.

Barry works his magic at Jennifer Parker’s hair and beauty salon in the town centre and at Julie’s community salon on Leeds Road.

Having endured such a turbulent year for the beauty industry, Barry expressed how excited he was to get back to work and to catch up with his clients:

"It’s good to hear that my clients do miss me and are sincerely in love with the idea of coming back and having their hair done, and in a lovely way to actually see me as well because I love to see them.

"I can’t wait to have a chat and find out what’s been going on, it’s great!"

With the end of lockdown in sight, Barry spoke about the importance of getting back out there and celebrating our new found freedom with an eye-catching new hair do.

He added:

“The idea is this, we’ve all been locked down for a year (or more) so we have got to get excited! On the 12th April you’ve got to find a new you, get out there and celebrate!”

Two eye-catching celebrity hair styles mentioned were Rihanna’s modern mullet and Billie Eilish’s 80's inspired atomic blonde chop; both which Barry said are a masterclass in colour and movement:

"It’s all about movement. If you look at certain celebrities like Rihanna for example, she’s got an inspired mullet style, she’s gone slightly longer at the sides but still has the business at front and party at the back.

"The one that really stands out is the Billie Eilish style, she’s gone blonde and she’s got a new haircut so she’s had to wear a wig for 6 weeks whilst she’s gone through the traffic light process, where she’s gone from red to yellow to blonde.

"That’s created a really rich, creamy, atomic blonde and then the cut is a layered cut with a thicker fringe which is parted slightly, it has a lot of movement and it looks absolutely fantastic."

Lots of us have struggled without hairdressers over lockdown, so we asked Barry for advice on how to look after our hair over the next couple of weeks in preparation for April 12th:

"I think it’s down to personal preference but let’s be honest, when you buy a pair of shoes or a dress it’s because you want to make a statement. Have hair that makes a statement!

"If you want to stay grey, make it look fantastic. Get a great haircut, accentuate it with other grey streaks, light streaks, slightly darker streaks. Make it pop, make it really standout. Just express yourself through your hair, be that peacock, it’s brilliant!"

When salons are able to reopen, Barry urges us to get back in the hot seat and treat ourselves to a brand new hair style which can actually be worn out of the house this year!

He added:

“Harrogate hairdressers are without a shadow of a doubt some of the best in the world, internationally and nationally. Get yourself out there, go and treat yourself to one of these amazing artists, let them support you in a way that you’re supporting them.”

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