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Harrogate pupil warns Oatlands Drive plans will have 'devastating effect' on education

A student at St Aidans CE High School is concerned that the planned one-way system on Oatlands Drive will have a "devastating effect" on his education.

A sixth form student at St Aidans CE High School has expressed concerns that the planned one-way system on Oatlands Drive will have a "devastating effect" on his education. Thomas Adamson, who is currently in the Associated Sixth Form at St Aidan's, gets the bus to school from Wetherby and believes that Harrogate Borough Council's plans for Oatlands Drive will cause him to miss vital school work as he studies for his A-Levels. The Year 12 student has expressed his concerns via a letter to his Headteacher Mr Burt in the hope that halting the plans will prevent further disruption to the morning commute for him and many of his peers. Thomas said:

"I felt I needed to reach out as the bus is already causing so many problems - it's been late many times over the five years I’ve taken it and Wetherby Road is already a massive problem. "If these plans were to happen it would just make the problem worse, so I thought if anyone had the power to fix it, it would be Mr Burt the Headteacher."
The letter explains Thomas' worries that the plans will add more time to his morning commute and will result in him missing crucial lesson-time at the start of the school day. He added:
"I am hopeful that if enough people speak out that our opinion will be heard. The way that the council is phrasing it suggests that it's for the benefit of the students of St Aidan’s and St John Fishers, but there is already a cycle lane and two large footpaths."
Harrogate Borough Council revealed plans to make Oatlands Drive one-way last month, whilst also limiting speed to 20mph, widening the existing footpath and creating a new segregated cycleway. The £215,000 Oatlands project is one of three cycling schemes the council is planning to reduce traffic in the area. Read more local stories from Your Harrogate here.

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