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Harrogate Bus Company unveil details of festive season bus services

The Harrogate Bus Company is reassuring customers that its buses are clean, safe and ready to go in the run-up to Christmas.

With shops now open after the Government gave retailers the green light to return following last month’s lockdown, bus operator The Harrogate Bus Company is reassuring customers that its buses are clean, safe and ready to go in the run-up to Christmas.

Roads and car parks in and around Yorkshire’s town and city centres are expected to be busy throughout December as shoppers and retailers try to make up for lost time and safely gather gifts, food and drink ahead of the festive season.

With this in mind, The Harrogate Bus Company is reminding everyone that its buses are running a normal service until Christmas Eve, with added reassurance from its unique “Clean, Safe and Ready to Go” customer promise to provide the highest standards of cleanliness and safety on all of its buses.

Current timetables continue for all services run by The Harrogate Bus Company until Wednesday 23rd December 2020. The following alterations will then be in place:

Christmas Eve, Thursday 24th December 2020: A Saturday service, with last buses earlier than normal. On Service 1, buses leaving Harrogate at 20.05, 20.25 and 20.45 will finish at Starbeck. Last journeys on other services will be as follows:

Service 1A: 19.40 Harrogate to Aspin; 19.58 Aspin to Harrogate

Service 1B: 20.00 Harrogate to Eastfield; 20.17 Eastfield to Harrogate

Service 1C: 19.20 Harrogate to Carmires; 19.39 Carmires to Harrogate

Service 2A: 19.40 Harrogate to Bilton circular

Service 2B: 19.25 Harrogate to Bilton circular

Service 3: 19.55 Harrogate to Jennyfield circular

Service 7: 18.20 Harrogate to Leeds; 19.20 Leeds to Harrogate. The 19.20 from Harrogate will finish at Wetherby at 19.40

The 36: 18.45 Leeds to Ripon; 19.35 Harrogate to Ripon; 18.45 Ripon to Leeds; and 19.20 Harrogate to Leeds. The 19.15, 19.45 and 20.15 journeys from Leeds and Ripon will run to Harrogate, then finish at Starbeck

FLYER Service A2: 17.30 Bradford to Harrogate; 18.30 Bradford to Airport; 18.52 Harrogate to Bradford. Service A3: 19.10 Bradford to Airport; 18.55 Airport to Bradford

All other routes will run as normal, with last buses at the same time as usual.

Christmas Day, Friday 25 December 2020: No service – as our buses and amazing drivers enjoy a family Christmas! Boxing Day, Saturday 26 December 2020: Special services on the following routes:

Service 1C: Buses every 30 minutes between Harrogate, Knaresborough and Carmires – first journeys leave Starbeck for Carmires at 08.27 and 08.57. First bus from Harrogate to Carmires is at 09.20. First bus from Carmires to Harrogate is at 08.44. Last bus from Carmires to Harrogate is at 18.14, and from Harrogate to Carmires at 18.50. The 18.44 and 19.14 journeys from Carmires finish at Starbeck

The 36: Buses run every 30 minutes between Harrogate and Leeds and every hour between Ripon and Leeds – first journeys to Leeds start from Starbeck at 09.03 and 09.33, and Harrogate at 09.20 and 09.50. First bus from Ripon to Leeds is at 09.37, and from Harrogate to Ripon at 09.00. From Leeds, first buses leave for Harrogate at 10.20, and for Ripon at 10.50. Last buses leave Leeds for Ripon at 15.50, and Harrogate and Starbeck at 17.50 and 18.20. Last bus from Harrogate to Ripon is at 16.50, and Harrogate to Leeds at 17.20. From Ripon, last journey to Leeds is at 16.37, and to Harrogate and Starbeck at 17.37

Sunday 27th and Bank Holiday Monday 28th December 2020: All services will run to a Sunday timetable Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th December 2020: Saturday timetable for all services New Year’s Eve, Thursday 31st December 2020: Saturday timetable with, with buses finishing earlier than normal. Last buses will be the same as Christmas Eve New Year’s Day, Friday 1st January 2021: No service Saturday 2nd January 2021: Normal timetables resume on all services

The Harrogate Bus Company’s General Manager Frank Stanisauskis said:

“With traffic levels rising every day and the need to stay safe and follow all the Government safety guidelines, shoppers have a lot on their minds and the last thing they need is to find themselves stuck in traffic jams or struggling to park when they reach the shops.

“With increased and thorough cleaning of each bus, clear safety guidance on board and a warm welcome from our amazing team, we offer a much easier and safe alternative to driving. All our buses go through enhanced deep cleaning every night, using highly effective virucidal mist to clean every inch of the interior, supported by additional cleaning of touch points throughout the day.

“Each bus has its own hand sanitiser dispenser, with plenty of services to make sure everyone can spread out on board – and our customers can use our website or Transdev Go mobile app to instantly check how much room there is on the bus before travelling.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming our customers back to the bus as the festive season approaches, and to make things easier, we’re also releasing early details of our services over the festive season to help those planning to travel this Christmas.”

Full details of all The Harrogate Bus Company’s services are online at: https://www.transdevbus.co.uk/harrogate and via its free Transdev Go mobile app.

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