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Harrogate Boot Exchange' appealing for second-hand football boots

A Harrogate woman is raising money for local charities by holding a football boot exchange on Facebook. Caroline Grantham launched the 'Harrogate Boot Exchange' in 2018 after finding her children outgrew their football boots before they showed much sign of wear. And after finding she was paying out for new boots on a regular basis, Caroline created 'Harrogate Boot Exchange' - a forum that allows parents to donate and buy good quality, clean football boots for their children. [caption id="attachment_9050" align="alignnone" width="2159"] The Harrogate Boot Exchange allows parents to save large sums on new football boots[/caption] The enterprise, which works through Facebook, accepts donations of second-hand football boots before selling them on to other parents - with all proceeds split between Harrogate Homeless Project and Martin House Children's Hospice. Caroline Grantham, who started the Harrogate Boot Exchange, said:

"I was constantly buying new boots for my two children despite the fact that their outgrown ones were still in a good condition. New boots were ridiculously expensive for the amount of use they got - especially once you hit the larger sizes! "I couldn’t see any way of sourcing second hand boots without trawling through online sites or visiting charity shops - both making it difficult to try on before buying. I decided there had to be a better way!"
https://www.facebook.com/harrogatebootexchange/posts/3837859222956707 Caroline created the Harrogate Boot Exchange in Spring 2018 and operates based on donations of clean boots and astro trainers in good condition, which are then sold at £5 per pair up to size 5, and £10 for size 5.5 and above. Caroline added:
"Parents can bring their children along to try on before buying and have a run around in my front garden to get a proper feel for the correct fit. "All proceeds are split between Martin House Children’s Hospice, who I chose as they do amazing work for terminally ill children and their families, and Harrogate Homeless Project, who are a fabulous local charity supporting people in need in our own town. "Parents using the service seem to appreciate that they are saving money and helping charities at the same time - it’s a bit of a win-win situation! In fact I often get parents coming back when they need the next size up."
For more information about the Harrogate Boot Exchange or if you'd like to donate some good quality second-hand football boots, find Harrogate Boot Exchange on Facebook. Read more local stories from Your Harrogate here.

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