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Five times Harrogate featured in films

Who knew Harrogate and Hollywood were so connected? Here's a look at five times Harrogate has featured on the big screen...

We as residents know just how beautiful our part of the world is, but it seems Harrogate has also been recognised by Hollywood as the ideal spot for some iconic movie scenes and settings. From more recent blockbusters to some absolute classics, we take a look at five times Harrogate has featured in films… Paddington 2 (2017) [caption id="attachment_1282" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Some key scenes from Paddington 2 were shot in Harrogate[/caption] One of the more high-profile visits from Hollywood came in Harrogate for the 2017 hit Paddington 2. A considerable amount of filming took place in Bilton, as well as near the viaduct which served as the setting for the thrilling rail chase scene in the film. The flick also saw Hugh Grant and Jim Broadbent's arrival to the area send social media into a starstruck frenzy! The Hunter’s Prayer (2017) Avatar star Sam Worthington is one of the latest big-name actors to visit Harrogate in the name of film, as the 2017 assassin thriller Hunter’s Prayer doubles Harrogate with the streets of Switzerland. The flick follows Worthington as an assassin on the run and includes a story of revenge, shootouts and non-stop action. Sounds exciting, right? Chariots of Fire (1981) [caption id="attachment_1275" align="aligncenter" width="2560"] The oldest pub in Harrogate: Hales Bar features in 1981 flick 'Chariots of Fire'[/caption] Even if you haven’t actually seen it, you’ll have probably heard of the 1981 classic Chariots of Fire. The film retells the tale of two British and Northern Irish athletes competing in the 1924 Olympics. And what better place to shoot scenes for an iconic film than in two of Harrogate’s most iconic tourist spots? The Victorian-style interior of Hales (‘the oldest pub in Harrogate!’) is the setting for scenes in the 80’s classic, which also sees Harrogate’s Crescent Gardens double up as a Parisian street café! Wild Child (2008) Harrogate and a few surrounding hotspots were chosen as locations for the 2008 teenage flick ‘Wild Child’, which sees an American teenager sent to boarding school in the UK to straighten out her wild behaviour. Basically a spoilt Malibu girl goes from living the life of Riley to playing lacrosse in the rain, getting bullied by posh girls and chasing the hunky boy. (What? Teenagers love this stuff!) Agatha (1979) [caption id="attachment_1276" align="alignleft" width="2560"] Agatha Christine snuck off to Harrogate's Old Swan Hotel in the 1920's[/caption] The real-life disappearance of renowned crime writer Agatha Christie caused quite the media stir in the 1920’s, sparking nationwide panic and a police hunt to track her down. Thankfully she was eventually found at none other than Harrogate’s The Old Swan and claimed to be suffering with amnesia! The whole story was retold in the 1979 film ‘Agatha’ starring Dustin Hoffman and Vanessa Redgrave, with the two Hollywood stars shooting scenes across Harrogate, including outside the Royal Baths and within The Old Swan hotel itself. So that's it for our list of five times Harrogate has featured in films. Next time you're watching a flick, keep your eye out for any familiar locations - you never know, Harrogate could become the new Hollywood... Read more local stories from Your Harrogate here.

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