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9 in 10 prefer NOT to return to the office after Covid-19 crisis

It looks like a life of multi-tasking is here to stay, with 9 in 10 office workers saying they do NOT want to return to working in an office after the pandemic. A huge majority of adults want to juggle home working with domestic life, with an astonishing 87% of people saying that, when the Covid-19 crisis is over, they either want to work entirely from home or mix working from the office with working from home. The research, carried out by ZEISS Vision Care UK, also found seven in 10 people believe multitasking helps them achieve more in a day, while 60% do it much more when working from home than in the office. And whilst most young people don't relish returning to the office 5-days a week, they are struggling with many aspects of home working. Those under the age of 35 are more stressed, tired and finding it harder to focus than older workers, with 32% of under 25 year olds and 37% of under 35 year olds regularly making mistakes, compared to 18% of those who are older. [caption id="attachment_6403" align="alignnone" width="2560"] One in 10 have been distracted from work so they could give a child a telling-off[/caption] The temptation to dip into other things while you should be focusing on work is enormous - the research by ZEISS found one in 10 have been distracted from work so they could give a child a telling-off. Cheekily making another appointment while pretending to be listening on a video call is another confession (14%). As a result of spending so much time hunched over their laptops, around half of working from home Brits reported eye strain, while more than a third (36%) feel the stress in their shoulders and neck. Read more local stories from Your Harrogate here.

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