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Great Knaresborough Bed Race to revert to old timing system

The Great Knaresborough Bed Race returns next month.

Organisers of the Great Knaresborough Bed Race will revert back to their 'traditional' timing system when the event returns next month.

The Bed Race is back on Saturday 8th June and will see the usual variety of decorated beds, passengers and runners.

90 teams will take on the gruelling 2.4-mile course that ends with a crossing of the icy waters of the River Nidd.

And among the changes being made to the event this year by organisers Knaresborough Lions is the return to a 'traditional' timing system.

Last year's results were delayed due to teething problems with the new chip-timing system, which was being used for the first time.

But according to Teams Co-ordinator Matt Walker, results will be accurate and quicker this year.

He told Your Harrogate:

"We’re going to be using our tried and tested timing system, our ‘traditional system’ which we’ve been using for a long time.

“We know it works and we’ll be using it again this year.

"We have two systems running at the same time, so we can check and validate all the times, so we should get some very accurate results."

Reflecting on last year's event, Matt said:

"At the end of every Bed Race we look at what worked well and what didn’t, so there’s always little tweaks we can make but fundamentally its an event that’s been running with the same principles every year.

“One thing we have changed is we’ve moved to an electronic application system, which people seem to be liking really well and it’s saved our volunteers lots of time."

When asked what he enjoys most about the event, Matt said:

“Seeing the smiling faces, the parade and the excitement… The buzz just builds throughout the day and seeing the teams run through the town is such a great spectacle, which is why so 30,000 people come to see it every year.

"It’s one of those events you won’t forget."

The theme for this year's Bed Race is "Great Inventions And Technology Through The Ages".

Listen to Matt Walker's full interview with Your Harrogate here:

Find out more about the race via the Knaresborough Lions website here.

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