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Your Harrogate Business Focus: Mind Body Freedom

We're back with another Your Harrogate Business Focus! This week is the turn of 'Mind Body Freedom' in Thirsk.

Introducing: Sarah Pym DipCBH Company name: Mind Body Freedom Company website: https://mindbodyfreedom.co.uk/ Social Media: @mindbodyfreedomcbh

We're back with another Your Harrogate Business Focus, shining a light on fantastic businesses across the Harrogate area. This week is the turn of Sarah Pym's 'Mind Body Freedom' business, which can offer Hypnotherapy and Coaching in person or over Zoom video... When was the company founded and how has it grown? I founded Mind Body Freedom this year after moving to Thirsk in 2019 and settling in. I am fully trained in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy (CBH) and holistic bodywork. I run the sessions from a treatment room in my home but thanks to secure online technology I am able to offer CBH both nationally and internationally too, in all time zones. Why do you stand out from your competition? I combine a holistic approach covering both the mind and body and how the two affect each other. I did originally train in bodywork, to ease pain, but realised just how much impact our thoughts actually have on our health, so I retrained in CBH. I genuinely care about my clients and improving their health and lives. This combination of working with both mind and body is phenomenal for pain control. How has Covid affected your business and how did you cope? As well as launching my new company, I had also planned on continuing my B&B business from home, Covid has impacted on both. The economic impact this year closed the B&B and has prevented people from spending money on themselves, so I set up and organised the North Yorkshire Scrubs group which took up several months of 2020 and was incredibly rewarding. What is the most important thing about your business? By working with people and showing them how their thoughts affect their feelings and actions and how they learn to give themselves permission to change their lives for the better. The realisation that they have sometimes followed patterns or made mistakes which impact on both their mental and physical health, and how by changing their habits and beliefs they can change their lives; this makes it all worthwhile. Who would you most like to have a drink with and why? Milton Erickson (1901-1980) who was an American Psychiatrist who believed that the therapeutic relationship between a client and therapist is key to the success psychotherapy. To spend an hour with him, to hear his conversational style and learn what was most important to him would be an incredible experience. What advice would you give the next generation starting their careers? Be open to learning, be flexible and build resilience. I have had many jobs from cooking, vet nursing, shepherding, farming, and journalism and now my new hypnotherapy and bodywork business Mind Body Freedom. I am also an artist. There are always new options to explore and different challenges ahead. Why do you like doing business in Yorkshire? Yorkshire is my home. I chose to live here and put down roots after many unsettled years. I love it here. North Yorkshire people are great, and I genuinely feel like I’ve come home. Name your favourite local business and explain what makes them special. Ewe & Yarn in Thirsk is just brilliant! Sharon who runs it is so knowledgeable and runs Knit and Natter groups where I have not only learnt to knit socks but met other people. I love

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